Marketing Your Business in the Wrong Places?

Is Your Business Struggling to Find New Customers?

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You are not alone. Thousands of local businesses are in the same boat. I know an Ohio criminal defense lawyer who was at the top of her game a few years back, and all of a sudden, her phone went silent.

No more leads, no more clients, no more money.

What happened? Well, in a nutshell, her old way of advertising was Yellow Pages and word of mouth.

Read on to find out why those two forms of marketing are old news.

Let’s Discuss Yellow Pages First

In the past, being an advertiser in the phone book was the way almost every business stayed afloat. When a person needed a service, they pulled out that huge yellow book and looked for the product or service they were after. Now, I am sure I do not have to answer why that is no longer a sufficient advertising platform, but I will anyway.  I don’t even have a phone book in my house.  When they deliver it, I put it in the trash can.yellow pages advertising

Why? Because I use Google for EVERYTHING. From researching a topic, shopping, finding a plumber, electrician, or if needed, it is where I would turn if I was in need of an attorney.

So what this meant for my lawyer friend is that since she was not showing up in the local Google results for her law firm, she was not getting any phone calls. Period! That is really the end of the discussion.

She could advertise on, and pay thousands of dollars per year for a slot, but is that where I would go first? Absolutely not! I can’t think of one time when I went directly to YP’s website to find a service. Ever!

Granted there are networking events that attorneys can attend (or any other business for that matter), but this is not going to solve the problem. All businesses need a daily flow of hot leads, and you are not going to accomplish this through a few networking events. Those you meet may not remember you when the time comes that they need your expertise.

Now, Let’s Talk About Why the Word of Mouth Referrals Stopped

It’s simple really.  When her client base died, so did her referrals. She was ultimately forgotten about.

Potential customers were no longer hers. They became customers for the law firms that were ranking on the first page for their local searches.

So What Did She Do?

She hired an SEO professional who was able to get her website in front of all of those customers that never even knew she existed. After a couple of months, her phone began to ring for all different types of clients who needed her services.getting clients by phone

If you are in need of a digital marketing company so that you too can increase your customer base, here are the ones I would recommend:

If you are an attorney, I would recommend They have a great reputation with having the best SEO strategy for the law niche, and I have no doubt that you will see results.

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Now, it’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy, and whether it is giving you the return on investment that you deserve.

Good luck in growing your business, and keep us in mind when you need further marketing tips and ideas.







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