Called to Awaken the World

by  Jo Ann Chance  c 7/2010

Reflecting on the Word

We find that Christ not only listened

But knew the story within each woman’s heart.

Christ knows the story within each heart today—

The pain, the anguish, the despair, the hope.

But do we acknowledge one another’s stories?

Do we recognize each other’s value as seen in God’s eyes?

Through God’s grace, we are one and we are free…

Free to be all we were created to be.


God calls “whosoever”—all who believe,

All who live not bound by law but released by grace;

Called, confronted and challenged to reach out

“Where-so-ever” and “howsoever”,

To build bridges through new relationships

“When-so-ever” we can…

By making connections in Christ, globally found and affirmed;

By learning to recognize injustice in order to fight for justice;

By looking for the source of our own vision,

To share our stories,

And, in all things, to praise God,

Who is worthy of all praise!


Can we be alive in God?  –for God?

Can we start making a difference in God’s world?

We must become community,

Recognizing our oneness in the body of Christ;

Become a community of love and courage;

Able to walk side by side

With our neighbor and with Christ;

A committed community of faith,

Sharing God’s wondrous love

With all God’s people,

“Where-so-ever,” “when-so-ever.”


What does the Lord require?

To act justly and to love mercy

And to walk humbly with our God.


We are one,

Women of God,

Called to serve—

Called even to places where clearly

We do not want to go…

We are called to dance the dance of mission.

Are we awake?

Can we dance the dance?

Can we commit to prayer and action?


We can be the new thing,

For such a time as this.

Do we perceive it?

The world needs us—

Let us awaken our hearts and minds

And awaken the world

To God’s wondrous love and justice.

We are challenged.

We are called.

Let us awaken to a new tomorrow.

Yes, awake!