Why Ignoring Online Marketing Will Cost You Time and Money

Hiring an online marketing agency can substantially increase your business’ revenue, whether you have a small law firm or a large car dealership.

Your small business can be branded as an industry expert, and in the process, earn your company a position in the spotlight, otherwise known as the top spots in the search engines.

The reality is that online searchers trust Google to give them the best results. Most of them have no idea that the business “hired” someone to put them there. They truly believe that Google thinks the businesses listed at the top are the best. What better referral than that of the big G?

Online traffic is only going to increase, particularly due to the fact that your future potential customers are infatuated with anything online. They live their life scrolling the internet, using apps and social media sites. Why on earth would they look elsewhere when they want to find a product or service? Just give that a minute to sink in.

The reality of the search engine listings, or SERPS, are much different from what searchers think. It is actually a process known as SEO, or search engine optimization, and this my friend is not something that just anyone can do. It requires years of research, planning, testing, and trial and error to perfect. There is no textbook that can teach you how to rank in the search engines.

Included in this SEO “stuff” is the on-page optimization, off-page, content management, link-building, social signals, keyword research, and on and on.

The on-page SEO in itself is no small feat. It requires knowing what to optimize, how to do it, how much your keyword should be present if at all, how to optimize images and so on. This alone takes many online marketers a couple years just to learn. They haven’t even touched the off-page yet.

With all of this said, in this day and age, hiring an online marketing company to build your brand and increase your traffic is a must, it is no longer an option. If you are not present online, meaning not only that you have a website, but that you have one that is ranking on page one of Google for your business related keywords, you are going to lose customers, and eventually will need to figure something out to keep your business afloat.

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